~Hair services~

Prices will vary with chosen technician based on our tiered pricing system. The level of pricing reflects the stylists education level ,years of experience and demand. Prices may also vary according to length and thickness of one's hair.
Hair Design:

Women~ 45+  Director 55+

  Men ~ 28      Director 33+

 Children~ O-5 yrs.       15+

            6-13 yrs.           25+

    Blowout 35+

 Express Thermal Style 20+
 Special occasion Price upon consultation
   Extensions price upon consultation 
Hair Color

Base color 40+
      Virgin Application 80+

Gloss 30+

     Dimensional Tones 75+
     Express Highlight 30

All services performed include a consultation, invigorating shampoo, conditioning scalp massage and a blow-out. If you receive a haircut prices will vary according to the technicians tiered pricing. VanGar will only guarantee color retention when client is using the recommended products.The price can vary depending on the length and thickness of one's hair. 
Dimensional tones-

This service is what most people consider a "highlight" it is the use of either high or low tones to create a multidimensional effect in ones hair. .

 All dimensional services will require a consultation to determine end result, technical process and pricing of service.

Special color techniques require an additional cost for technical application. These techniques are usually known as 

Balayage (hair painting),Color blocking, and Ombre'

Color Correction-

Must have a consultation prior to reserving this service. There may also be conditioning and protein treatments necessary leading up to color service in order to ensure color retention and integrity to the hair.

Premium Treatments: 

Brazilian Blowout
  Restorative Treatments
   Malibu Treatments

Eyebrow shaping-15

Eyebrow touch-up-12



Face(not including eyebrows)-15





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